The Ascent

by Seventh Harmonic



released September 1, 2001

Vocals: Amandine Ferrari
Violin: Éilish McCracken:
Keyboards/drum programming/bass/guitar: Caroline Jago

Kate Arnold: dulcimer
Paul Nemeth: vocals

All music; lyrics to tracks 5,6,7,11,12,13: Caroline Jago
Lyrics to tracks 2,3,4,10: Amandine Ferrari
Lyrics to track 9: Paul Nemeth

Recorded at Deepwater Studios, March/April 2001
Recorded and engineered by John Hull
Produced and mixed by John Hull and Caroline Jago
Mastered by John Hull

Cover art by Owen Tooth.



all rights reserved


Seventh Harmonic London

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart... ... more

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Track Name: Inside
I stole some angel's wings to make you fly
I drank all your tears to make you smile
And I drank all the rain of your sky
Since deep inside your love made me the strongest

I came from the light without fear
To your black kingdom

You and your darkness
You and your sadness
You and your madness
You and your devil
Let you take me to my heaven

You and your devil
I'll keep you safe and insane
I have the power
To eat your anguish and your pain
Now and forever
There's nothing that can stop me
Deep inside me
Your love made me the strongest

I can protect your devil from my god
Or I can make them be one
Like you and me
Track Name: I The Ascent, II The Requiem
I've just seen my body next to yours
I don't want to realise
That I'm reaching the sky
That they gave me the wings to fly

Ne laisses pas les anges m'emporter
Ne laisses pas les anges nous separer

C'est dans tes bras que je veux m'endormir
Dans tes bras, mon dernier sourir
Dans tes bras, mon dernier desir
Retiens moi ne me laisses pas partir

I can fly but I don't want without you
Track Name: Firedance
I was my own pain
I was feeding this pain
I was an eternal victim eternally guilty
But once I stopped thinking and realised that life is not for eternity
And the idea made me smile
And now I keep this smile
Now it feels like I can fly
Now it feels like I'll never die

I'm dancing in the fire because it burns the pain
Because it melts my heart and burns gently my skin
I'm dancing in the fire until it dries my tears
I'm dancing in the fire until it burns my fear

I've never noticed the blue of the sky, the taste of the sun
It tastes so sweet on my lips
When fighting becomes dancing
When crying becomes laughing

Et j'attends que le feu me consume
Buite toutes les coutumes
Que les flames sechent mes larmes
Et buite mes etats-d'ame
Track Name: Your Sleep
Awake from the deep I reach for the sea
Feel the heat take a hold, through the body hides the soul
Each thought of her will torture me
I must remain cold...
The fear won't unfold
Does the depth of my need
Penetrate your sleep

Awake from your sleep to reach for the dream
No longer to come unto me
In that breath of defeat I found my own peace
Our heaven brought hell
No water in this well...
Track Name: The Sun, The Sea
The sun, the sea, the life in me that rises with the flood
Within these sparks I raise my heart and flow into the blood
Deep within the swell of fear
I watch it quelled when I am here
As I wash away the winter to let life take hold
The dream of the future
Return to the soul
Track Name: Paralysis
Need no drug to dull no pain
To prise the lock that keeps me sane
The maelstrom of my rising brain
Quiets me time and time again...

No feeling or compassion left
So tested by the past
Is it that to feel's a fight
'Some are born to endless night'

How can one so few of fears
Still contain so many tears
On the verge of all I've dreamt
And if it all ends unredeemed...
Track Name: Transformation
Je sais que je ne pouvais changer
Le cours des choses jamais je sais
Le cours du temps des saisons je sais

When the seasons change
Life is born again
The flower of your heart unfolds
The dreaming comes to an end

The long shadows of a winter's day
Leave behind that solemn smile
Approach the sun, the wind, the rain
Summer's on its way again
Sparkling jewels, the source of life
Prepare the way, prepare the way
For the coming of the sun, the shining one
To save us from self-made pain

The sun was lost from view forever...

Waken from timeless time
Savour the glory of summer wine
For the spell is broken
And the door is open
Sing the song of Aaron
Come to me my darling

Spring has come again...
Track Name: B.C.
And the man creates God
And the man creates Satan and the guilt
They fear his hell
But I fear their heaven

You believe in what you fear
You fear the one you believe in
I believe in what I need
What I need is being free
From your blind church
For the love of your god
Burn your blind church
Burn your blind church

Sacred knowledge lost forever
Civilizations wasted
Your hell is the one you built
Your hell is your fake heaven
I would fight with any god
I would fight with any devil
Who would steal the freedom of my soul
Who'd steal the dignity of my heart

The more I pray, the more I make mistakes

We all come from the same place
We all come from some kind of heaven
From between my mother's legs
There's no priest, no master
We all come from the same place
We all come from some kind of hell
But from between our mother's legs
There's no god, no devil...
Track Name: Swansong
Feel too little, think too much
The only thing that moves is touch
Alone I rape the ghost of love
The fire I drink from never enough
I fall into my shadow again
Fate predetermined by my pain
I melt...tears run like rain
The ice has frozen again

And in the bitter end the void was never filled
The visions merely emptiness and sentience slowly killed
But still I continued on the weakest quest
Submerged in blind pleasure I failed every test

The ice has frozen again
The ice is all that remains...
Track Name: The Search
I know I cannot cease to dream
Words never mean just what they seem
Weaving in and out of time
Seeking endlessly the sign
Two steps forward, two steps back
Dancing on the beaten track
Yet to fall into the ground
With real pain I'd come around

Till then I'll look inside to see
How can I touch outside of me
For everyone that reads this mind
Too many close are left behind
In places where you never slept
Doors close on things you won't forget
No pain for tears never wept
I am the girl you'll never get...

Paralysed by hidden fear
You'll scratch your dread across my back
Hope to lose your conscience here
On my body try to trace connection with your own
Intensity of intimacy after so much time alone
Drown in flesh
Hope to find home...
Track Name: The Reflection
A mirror sleeps and fills its pages with memories of wistful past
With hope and fear and dust of age
Shattered dreams and silent glass
A vision shroud in fatal beauty
Hallucinate horror image fracture
An ice face no doubt won't see
Time will poison your enrapture

A blank: doubt: no vision
The light's reflection pale incision
The murdered ego starts to fall
Until there's nothing left at all...