by Seventh Harmonic



Two reworked older tracks featuring new vocalist Ann-Mari (ARCANA), plus two demos of tracks which appeared on the album entitled 'Garden of Dilmun', released May 2011 on Out of Line/Universal Records. This is available from the band's website and all major retailers.


released April 13, 2010

Vocals/lyrics: Ann-Mari Thim
Music/production: Caroline Jago

Photography: Lesley Malone



all rights reserved


Seventh Harmonic London

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart... ... more

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Track Name: Equanimi (demo)
When your day and my night meet
The moment we intertwine
When our yearnings are equally sweet
We will lock that hour in time

My wind will caress your ocean
Your water nourish my soil
My storm will rage your sea
Your fire fuel the flame in me

When our elements at last shall blend
We will turn lead into gold
All the rules of logic we shall bend
As our true intentions unfold

My wind will caress your ocean
Your water nourish my soil
My storm will rage your sea
Your fire fuel the flame in me

When your hope my withered trust defeats
In mutual faith we shall dwell
When your wit my melancholy cheats
Refused admittance to hell
When our paths meet at the crossroads
And we chose to walk the same
Sworn allegiance to all lovers’ codes
Heavenly entry we will claim
Track Name: Soporanimi (demo)
Be still my heart; rest with a sigh
Hear my cradle song; this lullaby
To keep away from pain
Go back to sleep again

Still my heart; let drowsiness untie
Hear my cradle song; this lullaby
Stay veiled and rescued
In lethargic solitude

Slumber in; this wily charm defy
Repose and know that love belie
Fall into sweet oblivion
Before white is stained crimson
Track Name: Bidding Grief Farewell (demo)
Greeting blissful joy
Regrets will never sound
Under lovers’ spell
Letting music dwell

Bidding grief farewell
Awakening hymn of love
Ringing out the tunes
Of undying flames

With the clearest light
And the spirits within
Through chanting divine
Bewitching charms entwine
Lustfulness is called
Craving thirst to quench
Roused from dreamless sleep
Drowsed into seduction

Vocation of nature's poetry
Immortal voices of beauty
I call upon amorous tunes
I send for wings of desire
Track Name: Winter (demo)
Dreamlike scenery
Intense biting frost
Stillness surrounds me
Keeps me paralysed

Falling crystals
Gracefully floating
Blinding beauty
Keeps me awake

Embracing coldness
Calming white presence
Nature is resting
Below the winter coat

Unbroken peace
Touched by silence
Revealing breath
Is evidence of life