Promise of Sacrifice

by Seventh Harmonic

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released September 9, 2002

Kate Arnold: vocals, dulcimer
Éilish McCracken: violin
Caroline Jago: keyboards, programming, bass, guitar, vocals on track 14

Paul Nemeth: vocals (track 4)
Spyros Giasafakis: vocals (tracks 9 & 10), table harp (track 10)
Evi Stergiou: vocals (track 9)

All music; lyrics to track 13: Jago (music to track 10: Jago/Giasafakis)
Lyrics to tracks 2,3,5,7,8,9: Arnold
Lyrics to track 1: Arnold/Nemeth
Lyrics to track 4: Nemeth
Lyrics to 10 & 11: Homer (arranged by S. Giasafakis)
Lyrics to 12: George Gordon Byron

Recorded, engineered, arranged and produced by Caroline Jago at CM/University of Westminster (Harrow), Spring/Summer 2002.
Post-production and mastering by John Hull; except track 12: recorded July 2001, mastered by Jim.

Photography and cover art: Scott Brimley.



all rights reserved


Seventh Harmonic London

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart... ... more

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Track Name: De Terra Fons Exoritur
'A column of smoke
And a pillar of fire'
A column of smoke and a pillar of fire
Distraught souls celebrating their death
You look upon the face of night
As though it were an evil sight
And struggle on towards the light
Though darkness is the truer way
And never really goes away
But hides behind the mask of day
The shadows of your soul
Are crying out to you
Though you never hear their call
Afraid of being free
Your fearful spirit tears
Like a parting of the sea
And all the waters of the flood
Could not quench my thirst
For there'll be no revelation,
No judgement, no rebirth
The only thing I understood
As prophets clamoured
From a crumbling church:
'The rocks shall fall from the mountains
And a fountain shall spring from the earth'
Sacred, sacred, bellow louder
Volume rising, seeking power
Strike down fear, release the beast
Upon whose table we shall feast
A column of smoke and a pillar of fire
Hear the holy choral choir
A column of smoke and a pillar of fire
Seize those agonizing criers
Freed upon these desert plains
We, who celebrate all days
Join us in our journey's plight
Out upon eternal night
Track Name: Chains
I could have wrapped your soul in chains
Started a fire and watched you dancing in the flames
I wanted to wrap your soul in chains
Forever a prisoner caught between the joy and pain
You could have wrapped my soul in chains
Started a fire and watched me dancing in the flames
You wanted to wrap my soul in chains
Forever a prisoner caught between the joy and pain
Track Name: Page of Wands
All that I am is a seeker of truth
The curious child who got lost in the woods
The servant of wisdom you take for a fool
The whispering trees hold the knowledge of all
All that I am is a seeker of truth
The sailor who followed his siren's call
The servant of wisdom you take for a fool
The murmuring waves hold the knowledge of all
All that I am is a seeker of truth
The eagle who flies over mountains and hills
The servant of wisdom you take for a fool
The wandering clouds hold the knowledge of all
Track Name: Pass Within
Time has fallen
Precious moments
Secrets stolen
Sacred Seven
Pass within
Into your heart
Silent sing
Sing from your soul
Track Name: Promise of Sacrifice
You came out of the creeping dawn
When summer's flower was winter's thorn
Daemons on the frozen air
Ran fiery fingers through your hair
The sun and the moon rested in your eyes
And your voice a torrent of fractured sighs
Healing my memory
Sealing my fate
Your wisdom was a morphic thing
Where truth would fly on fragile wings
Like a king upon his knees
Your arms the branches of the trees
A silent place inside a storm
A temple with its curtain torn
A journey to a distant shore
Your face became an open door
The sun and the moon rested in your eyes
On your lips the promise of sacrifice
Track Name: Icarus
As the sun
With shining wings
Rises on
The last day of winter
He can see
The shape of things
Golden paths
Lead him to the centre
For this is the healing tide
That burns him up inside
And with laughter's song
Calling down
To deep wells of silence
Round his head
The angels throng
Holding on forever
To one ecstatic moment
For this is the healing tide...
He sheds his mask
And crashes to the ground
His singing blood
The sea in which he drowns
His raging heart
The ship on which he sailed
His fallen pride
Lies wrecked beneath the waves
A wreck beneath the waves
Track Name: Butterfly Kiss
Take my hand
Let your fingers slip through mine
Like grains of sand
We are both children of this world
Naked and ephemeral
Just like a butterfly kiss
And I wished that I had never seen the stars
And never felt the sun
And realised that one day, some day,
All this will be gone
Take my love
I can feed it you in pieces
Or all at once
But don't rely on love eternal
Don't assume our soul's immortal
I don't want to spend my life
Just searching for the One
We are both children of this world
Naked and ephemeral
Just like the butterfly kiss
With which you woke me in the morning
And in the morning
All this will be gone
All this will be gone
Track Name: Inside the Circle
Inside the circle she's standing
And waiting for a sign
Sent in a vision to free her mind
Around her the four winds
Are howling to celebrate the tears
Of a spirit tormented for ten thousand years
And she turned into stone
As she stood there alone
And her energy's borne
On the wings of the storm
Inside the circle...
And the prophecy lied
For her future's denied
But the world goes on turning
While the circle is burning
Inside the circle...
Track Name: Parasina
It is the hour
When from the boughs
The nightingale's high note is heard
And gentle wings
And voices near
Make music to
The lonely ear
Each flower's the dews have lightly wet
And in the sky the stars met
And on the wave is deeper blue
And on the leaf a browner hue
And in the heavens that clear obscure
So softly dark and darkly pure
That follows the decline of day
As twilight melts beneath the moon away
Beneath the moon away
Track Name: A Ship, Dreaming
As she leaves, her soul aflame
She whispers farewell to her name
The past a blank, the present clear
The future a final frontier
She rises on the wing
The angel in her starts to sing
Visions from a distant dream
Reflected in the darkened stream
As descent reveals the land
She sees her soul within the sand
The empty desert's silent lure
A space so clean and quiet and pure
She bows unto the silent crew
And steps upon the land, anew
Her mind, her past she leaves behind
And walks into the unknown, blind...
Her feet they burn upon the land
'Call me sky, sun, sand'
Haunted watchers on the wing
Tortured by the sound their newborn sing
She looks above and laughs, and cries
I will not lose, I will not die
The greatest challenge I await
To be reborn illuminate