Adumbrations II

by Seventh Harmonic



Tracks 1-4 are collaborations with Daemonia Nymphe.
Track 5 is a remix of two tracks from the album 'Promise of Sacrifice'.
Tracks 6-8 are instrumentals.
Track 9 is the original version of 'The Ascent/Requiem' featuring Fionna, the first Seventh Harmonic vocalist.
Track 10 is a cover of a Swans track, which originally appeared on the album 'The Burning World'.


released October 1, 2002

Music composed, performed and produced by Caroline Jago (excluding track 10 - composition as credited).
Photography and cover art by Lesley Malone.



all rights reserved


Seventh Harmonic London

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart... ... more

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Track Name: Marie Celeste
He climbed onto the ship, to die on the sea
To cast himself adrift, to find truer peace
He heard the bugle blow, he watched the land recede
The sunset's aching glow
He left the sky to bleed
And as he went below, he thought he heard
Alongside the bell, a whispered word
He dreamt of finding warm elixir of release

As the moon shone on the sails
The servant boy grew ever pale
'Eight days awake and all I see
White tongues of sirens calling me'

The table set, the glasses clean
We drink to sail, we drink to dream
As they fainted one by one
The sails were blinded by the sun
Track Name: Remembrance
I of everyears
Recall the fallen footsteps
Of those reaching for the stars

Whether he recalled the blazing sun
Wherefore does he hold the sky's falling tears

For when it rains
He's standing here with me
Our bare feet upon the ground
Springs now turned to dust
No longer green dried out naked trees

The parched earth waits to bud
Track Name: I Remember Who You Are
When other people say you're someone to misuse
Shut in behind your young girl's face
And helpless in your bed of thorns
I'll remember who you are
Yes, I'll remember who you are
I'll remember who you are
A young girl, unchained

Come back here now
I know you're somewhere still alive
Strong behind your young girl's tears
I know you're somewhere, unchanged

Oh, I remember who you are
Yes, I remember who you are
I remember who you are
A young girl, unchained

There stands a young girl, naked
In her innocence unused
And she holds me in her small hand
And she smiles down on me

I am innocent in her dark eyes
I will lose my heart in the sand
You're cruel, but you're good for me
And you hold me in your young girl's hand

I remember who you are
Yes, I remember who you are
I remember who you are
A young girl, unchained