by Seventh Harmonic



The first full band line-up. Initially released as a 6 track mini CD - the download version has been expanded to include ambient versions of some tracks, plus remixes by Interlock.


released April 1, 2000

Fionna: vocals.
Éilish McCracken: violin.
Keyboards/drum programming, bass, guitar: Caroline Jago.

All music; lyrics to 2,4,6: Jago.
Lyrics to 1,3,5: Slape.

Mixed and produced by Caroline Jago.
Mastered by Matthew North.

Tracks 7,8,9 remixed by John Hull/Interlock. Originally appeared on 'Seventh Harmonic vs Interlock'.

Photography and cover art by Scott Brimley.



all rights reserved


Seventh Harmonic London

Seventh Harmonic are an all-female neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics which draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart... ... more

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Track Name: Angel Tears
In silence I dream
Aroused were the memories of yesteryear
Where summers ardent kiss of love
Twined hand in hand with winters loss.

Awakening from slumber
The candle still flickers it's living flame
A shrine to love as embers
Died in me so long ago

Therein chimes the hour of darkness
Haziness cedes, a wraith before me appears

Of iconic grandeur
Twixt his fingertips he holds
A gift for me, a burgeon rose
Dying flower, withered with sorrow

In the wisdom of his tears
I foresee a mirror to my soul
My waning heart, an ebon rose
Paling in the shadow of Luna

Whereupon her face I behold
The divine revelation of sorrow
For there belies a lonely fountain in ruins
Where the spring of sadness trickles forth unending...
Track Name: Each Hour
Ride the flame that burns between you
Thrive on the faith that feeds you
Use the pain to feel and free you
try to speak the world will see you

Lose all the blind ties
Come from the dark and raise your eyes
For fear must fade before we rise
To fly and free the truth inside

Use your eyes to break the lies that bind us
Believe the ones we need will one day find us
The chances, dreams and life fate brings remind us
Each hour can cure or confine us
Track Name: Oceanus
Come with me, to the darkened water
Come with me, swim the ocean of dreams
Close your eyes to the whispering tides
These waters forever witness our rites

You, give me purity in a world of despondance
You gave me serenity when I had none
Forever does not seem long enough to love you
But forever is eternity with you to adore

Oceanus, the sweet taste of memories upon your shores
Oceanus, where we lay christened by the stars
Track Name: Buried Dreams
Watch these words enchant me
Allude to a further reality
Removed from what I can see

But I must stay on stable feet
Remain in corporeality
Not disappear inside a dream

The will, the way
To transcend the day
When night's life becomes the death of day
The time has come to break away

Be watchful when you sleep
Don't hide in a dream
There's always more to life than there might seem...
Track Name: Tireansamraidh
Huair a eireas a ghrian air cearcall nan speur
Tha maduinn bhreagh air a breiith
Chi mi dealt a soillseachadh duileagan nan rosan
Solus na grein air na clachan bho chian

Eioin na cabhanaich ri seinn dhomh an oran eala
Fonnis milse chluichear a riamh rim chluais
Craobhan beltein ag aomadh gu socair san tla-ghaoth chubhraidh
Bho sgail a blath sgothan caidilidh mi gu siorruith

Na gul air mo shonsa na biodh do chridhe bho dheoir
Tha mi nis mar aon ris an talamh oigheil s lom
far ann a failas a bhan dhe ni mi dannsa
Air dian ghaothan, air iteag, ag iaradh dhachaidh
Track Name: The Last Goodbye
Tell me when the feeling died
All the different times we tried
In fire of passion we burnt our bridges
Consumed conflicting final wishes
Kiss away the tears we cried
The courage of our last goodbye...